Heirloom quality woodworking

A quiet garage at the end of Adams Ave is the point of creation 130213_Studio_Shoot_Boxes_0005-Editfor some incredible wooden furniture120909_Sean's Tables_0050 and useful objects. First noticed in 2012 by the Oregonian while at the Scappoose Farmers Market, Cascade Architectural Woodworking has been steadily building a solid reputation for high quality craftsmanship.

CAWW is a true family business. Sean MacComb and his father Alan have been working together for over ten years now, most of that time with Sean’s brother Doug. They specialize in cabinet work, but have discovered that they also want to put their work into as many hands as possible.

This means cutting boards, cribbage boards, coffee 110320_Sean's tables - reload_0155-2-Edittables and much more are what occupy idle hands between cabinet jobs. Without a retail 120909_Sean's Tables_0080-Editfront, CAWW has mostly been discovered by word of mouth, although they currently have a regular presence at the Vernonia Open Air Market. Alan can be reached at alanmaccomb@frontier.com and Sean can be reached at 503-369-7317, or simply stop by market on Adams Ave on Saturdays 10-2pm.130822_Cribbage Boards_0002

About Bill Langmaid

I'm a farmer. Always have been, even before I knew it. My family lives on 3 acres of mixed timber and farm, with a scaredy cat, 29 hens and 4 roosters. We believe that something good comes from this, and we want to share it with others.

2 thoughts on “Heirloom quality woodworking

  1. Randal says:

    Sean and his father Alan do quality work. They installed a maple counter top on my kitchen island last year that is beautiful. I have purchased cutting boards for myself and as gifts. Their work is top notch!


  2. Erika Paleck says:

    I’ve been using a beautiful bread cutting board, actually a grid over a box daily since I purchased it. The woodworking is beautiful, high quality, and a joy to see! Also, they did the cabinet work for the new Health Center building–top-notch, quality work. Highly recommended for commercial, not just residential, work, too!!


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